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  • 300 Bean
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  • 1980 Bean
  • 2980 Bean
  • 5980 Bean
  • 15980 Bean
  • 29980 Kacang
  • 59800 Bean
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1、How to top up HUA JIAO LIVE Coin?

01.Select the HUA JIAO LIVE Coin amount denomination.

02.Enter your HUA JIAO LIVE User ID.

03.Check out and select your payment method.

04.Once payment is made, the HUA JIAO LIVE Coin will be credited to your HUA JIAO LIVE Account shortly.

Note: One Order, One Purchase. If you wanna more, please order again.

2、How long will it be credited to your account when you paid?

In general, it will be credited to your account within 1 minute automatically after the payment is made. There will be a little delay to queue during peak hours. If it is late more than 30 minutes, just feel free to contact customer service for help, fast buy online huajiao.

3、If i could get a refund when i enter a wrong user id to top up?

It will be credited to your HUA JIAO LIVE account directly once we have topped up successfully according to the account information you filled in. As a result, it could not be returned back. If you have any question, just feel free to contact our customer service.

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