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How to find Roit ID ?

  1. To find your Riot ID, please select your profile page 
  2. Copy your Riot ID+Tag using the button next to your Riot ID. (Example: Westbourne#SEA)

About Valorant

Valorant is a free multiplayer online shooting game developed by Riot Games. Players can choose different characters to represent and form teams with other players to combat. The game features include:

Different characters have different skills and special abilities, and players can choose different characters according to their gaming habits and team needs.

The game map is beautifully designed, with rich scene details, and players can use different elements of the map for tactical activities.

The game has a variety of weapon types, and players can choose different weapons to shoot according to their preferences.

How to top up Valorant ?

  • Simply enter your Riot ID
  • Select the value of VP you wish to purchase
  • Complete the payment, and the VP will be instantly delivered to your VALORANT account.

Valorant-supported server regions:

Currently, Valorant has multiple server regions worldwide, including the United States, Europe, Asia and other regions. Players can choose their own server region to play in on the game login screen.

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