Life Makeover

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About Life Makeover

  • "In the Name of Shining" is a super free fashion life mobile game created by Vvanna Studio. In the game, you will freely customize your makeup, meet your ideal home, and as a designer, DIY a unique set of clothes from selecting fabrics to cutting and sewing... Refusing to define and break the monotony, you will start a game of your own right here. Your shining life show, meet your ideal self here...

Product description:

  • Recharge needs to fill in the Player ID and character name + game area server
  • If you are using an Apple ID to log in, it is recommended that you recharge your Apple account balance

How to recharge Life Makeover?

Select the product, face value and quantity you want to buy

  1. -> enter the account information you want to recharge
  2. -> confirm the recharge information again, select the applicable payment method and discount
  3. -> submit the order
  4. -> settle the payment, this product is automatically recharged by the system, Generally, the order will arrive in your game account within 1-2 minutes after the order is successfully paid. If it does not arrive within 5 minutes, please contact customer service in time for consultation.

What should I do if I fill in the wrong top-up account?

  • This product is automatically recharged for virtual digital products. If we have completed the recharge according to the information you filled in, it will not be refundable. Please carefully confirm the recharge order information before recharging.

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