Eudemons Online Point Card

Official point card
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  • 165 очков
  • 420 баллов
  • 680 баллов
  • 1380 баллов
  • 2650 баллов
  • 5400 баллов
  • 840 баллов
  • 10800 баллов
  • 27000 баллов
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About Eudemons

Eudemons online is a large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game with a magical theme. The game is mainly about fast-paced combat and storyline, including various elements such as profession, competition, social interaction, and adventure. Players can freely choose their professions, cultivate their characters, explore the world, and work with other players to complete various challenging tasks.

Aside from immersive gameplay and graphics, Eudemons has consistent updates that will keep its players intrigued with special events like new servers and Valentine's.

And like most MMORPGs players can opt to increase their performance levels by topping up their in-game currency which for Eudemons, you can use Eudemons points to bolster your Eudemons experience.

How do I redeem my Eudemons Online Point Card?

Step 1: Head over here and login to Eudemons Online account.

Step 2: Choose your Game, Group, Server and Point Card Type and press “Next”

Step 3: You will have successfully redeemed your Points Card for your Eudemons Online account.

How do I check my Eudemon Points balance?

You would need to be in-game to check your Eudemon Points. Inside, you will need to open your Eudemons’ interface and you need to press the magnifier on the egg button to view your points.

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