Prison Architect

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  • Prison Architect Standard Edition
  • Undead DLC
  • Gangs DLC
  • Perfect Storm DLC
  • Second Chances DLC
  • Going Green DLC
  • Island Bound DLC
  • Warden's Edition DLC
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Reminder:All the DLC content requires the base game Prison Architect on Steam in order to play.

About Prison Architect

Welcome Wardens!

Only the world’s most ruthless Warden can contain the world’s most ruthless inmates. Design and develop your personalized penitentiary in Prison Architect.

  • Undead brings a whole new scenario to Prison Architect: one where the only objective is to survive. Save your inmates and fight off the undead attacks in this new, spooky expansion!
  • Gangs:They are organized and want to take control of your prison. Show them who’s in charge and stop their schemes! With Prison Architect: Gangs you’ll need to carefully manage your inmates, staff, and guard presence to avoid riots and ensure a peaceful - yet profitable - prison.
  • Perfect Storm makes it rain with grants, emergency services, staff training, and Calamities.
  • Second Chances gives your inmates a fresh start with reform and rehabilitation features, helping them improve behaviors and reduce sentences.
  • Going Green brings agriculture to your compound, introducing farming, produce exports, and a whole bunch of contraband.
  • Island Bound introduces more ways to build and manage your prison with helicopters, ships, and lots of water.
  • Warden's Edition:Welcome to the Psych Ward! Your prison will be more lively than ever with the arrival of the criminally insane. Lucky for you, it’s time to outfit your prison with the latest and greatest in Psych Ward management to house these unpredictable inmates.

Minimum operating system configuration

  • OS:Windows® 10 Home 64 Bit
  • Processor:Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
  • Memory:6 GB RAM
  • Graphics:Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
  • Hard Drive:400 MB HD space

How to redeem Prison Architect CD-key?

  1. Log in to the Steam client
  2. Enter the 【LIBRARY 】- click【Add a Game】in the lower left corner - choose 【Activate a Product on Steam】

3.Enter your【product code】 according to the prompt on the screen,the code can be copyed in your order.

4.After theactivation is successful, return to the library, and you can see the purchased game in your game list

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