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About Jawaker Voucher

Jawaker hosts more than 30 Arabic cultural card and board games from the Arabian Gulf, the Levant, and the Arab Maghreb regions. Connect with old friends and make new ones through the joy of an online gaming experience. Join MILLIONS of players from all around the world anytime you want!

Play your favorite games with real players OR create your own private game and invite your friends with one click!

Jawaker is an online gaming platform that offers a variety of multiplayer card and board games. Jawaker vouchers are prepaid codes that can be redeemed on the Jawaker platform for various services, such as game coins, access to premium features, or unlocking new games. These vouchers can be purchased from Jawaker or from third-party vendors.

To redeem a Jawaker voucher, the recipient needs to enter the code on the Jawaker website or mobile app. Once the code is entered, the voucher amount will be credited to the user's account, and they can use it to purchase games or other services offered by Jawaker.

Jawaker vouchers can make great gifts for gaming enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys playing card and board games online. They are also a convenient way to make purchases on the platform without using a credit card or other payment method. If you have any questions about Jawaker vouchers or how to redeem them, you can contact the Jawaker customer support team for assistance.

How to Redeem Jawaker Voucher:

  1. Click on the gear settings icon inside the Jawaker application.
  2. You will find the "Player Number" , copy the ID.
  3. Go to jawaker website and enter the ID and the code then click on Submit.

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