Tips: VIP unlocks video and domestic applications, excluding game acceleration; SVIP unlocks audio, video and domestic applications ,also including game acceleration
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About Sixfast

Sixfast is a must-have app for overseas Chinese

Lift the restrictions on film and television regions, and enjoy domestic film and television, music and games

What can Sixfast do?

①Watching iQiyi overseas, using domestic platforms such as NetEase Cloud, often prompts copyright restrictions, cannot watch in the region, access is restricted, domestic shopping websites, stocks, social software and other software require mainland IP, use Sixfast to return to China with one click

②4000+ game independent dedicated line acceleration, enjoy the e-sports experience! Full coverage of new and old games on national and international servers! Support dual-opening of game live broadcast, making communication and interaction more fun

③1 account, up to 5 devices can be accelerated at the same time, Windows, IOS, Android, TV, Mac can meet all your acceleration needs

④Registration without mobile phone number, no need to worry about overseas verification codes, multiple registrations and logins to ensure overseas use

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Nama Perusahaan : SEA WHALE TECHNOLOGY PTE.LTD. Alamat : 112 ROBINSON ROAD#03-01 SINGAPORE Telepon : (+852)69351882 (+86)13296572464 Pelayanan pelanggan : Kerjasama Bisnis : Whatsapp :