Note:Only Chinese phone number is supported
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How to buy MissEVAN FM diamond?

This product is automatically recharged by the system, please [select the denomination to be recharged] - [recharge account fill in the registered and used cell phone number] - [submit the order and payment]! Generally, the payment will arrive within one minute after completion!

Note:Only Chinese phone number is supported。

How long does it take to arrive after successful payment?

fast buy online MissEVAN Diamond, After the order is paid successfully, generally within 1 minute automatically recharge to the account, peak time may need to queue, such as more than 30 minutes did not reach the account please contact customer service for advice.

How to check the purchase result and diamond balance?

Open [MissEVAN FM] App - [My] - [My Wallet] - [Transaction History] to check!

Can I get a refund if I fill in the wrong account number or overcharge?

Because it is a virtual product, you can't get a refund or make up the difference by filling in the wrong cell phone account. Note that MissEVAN FM does not support overseas users' cell phone numbers for the time being!

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