Dai Hao Yuan(HK)

Please bind the user with the official login before topping up (binding tutorial at the bottom)
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Dai Hao Yuan - Hong Kong and Macao service top-up instructions (game level needs to reach level 10 to top-up)


  • Please bind the user with the official login before topping up (binding tutorial at the bottom)
  • Combination gift package account without the relevant gift package default buy equivalent currency

[Application scope] :Handicap end + Hong Kong service

[Login] :The game comes with the login method

[Required information] :Account number, password, character name

[Top-up method] :White card top-up, sufficient supply

[Recharge time] :Within 15 minutes, in case of special circumstances, the recharge time is subject to the actual situation

[Recharge process] :Payment completed - fill in the information - contact customer service - complete - suggest to change password

[Top-up security] :All top-ups are regular channels, please recognize TOPUPLIVE

[Customer Service] :Manual 1 to 1 service, 24 hours customer service online, support refund before order completion

[About the first charge] :The first double charge refers to the first time recharge double in the game, not the first purchase in the website

[Recharge instructions] .

  1. Please be sure to fill in the information accurately, in case your recharge can't reach the account in time.
  2. Please do not log in to the game during the recharge process to avoid card orders.
  3. Customer service will notify you immediately after the recharge is completed.

Important reminder:

Since there is a risk that the Facebook account will be frozen in a different place, please bind at least two login methods for users who use Facebook account to login;

Binding official login methods are as follows:

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