Honkai: Star Rail

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  • User UID
  • Select Server
Select Denominations
  • 60 Oneiric Shard
  • 300 + 30 Oneiric Shard
  • 980 + 110 Oneiric Shard
  • 1980 + 260 Oneiric Shard
  • 3280 + 600 Oneiric Shard
  • 6480 + 1600 Oneiric Shard
  • 6480+1600 Oneiric Shard*2
  • 6480+1600 Oneiric Shard*3
  • 6480+1600 Oneiric Shard*5
  • 6480+1600 Oneiric Shard*8
  • 6480+1600 Oneiric Shard*10
  • Express Supply Pass
We do not click farming or return the commission, Do not fill in the others' recharge account to avoid being deceived
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About Honkai: Star Rail

  • Honkai: Star Rail is a brand new strategy RPG game that allows players to explore the unknown universe. In the game, players will board the mysterious interstellar express, travel through endless interstellar journeys, and experience the wonders of unknown territories. Players need to strategically select and match their teams, using various combat techniques and skills to defeat the enemy and achieve victory. At the same time, upgrading and collecting equipment can also enhance the attributes and abilities of characters. The exquisite graphics and unique gameplay of "Honkai: Star Rail" will bring players the ultimate visual and gaming experience. Come challenge yourself and explore the mysteries of the universe!

About First Top-Up Bonus

If your in-game Character has never topped up via the game or any platform, you can:

  • Top up 60 Oneiric Shard to get 120 Oneiric Shard;
  • Top up 300+30 Oneiric Shard to get 600 Oneiric Shard;
  • Top up 980+110 Oneiric Shard to get 1,960 Oneiric Shard;
  • Top up 1,980+260 Oneiric Shard to get 3,960 Oneiric Shard;
  • Top up 3,280+600 Oneiric Shard to get 6,560 Oneiric Shard;
  • Top up 6,480+1,600 Oneiric Shard to get 12,960 Oneiric Shard.

How to top up Honkai: Star Rail Oneiric Shard?

  • Just enter your Honkai: Star Rail user ID
  • Select the value of the Oneiric Shard you wish to purchase
  • Choose your payment method,complete the payment
  • The Oneiric Shard will be added immediately to your Honkai: Star Rail account.
  • Note:The UID is always visible in the bottom left corner of the screen. The UID is also visible in the Phone Menu.

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