Goddess of Victory : NIKKE

100% for the first recharge, and 10% for other. Due to the different servers in the region where the account is located, the bouns is subject to the actual account.
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  • 2300+400 Gems
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About the goddess of victory: NIKKE

Goddess of victory. NIKKE is an immersive sci-fi RPG shooting game where you recruit and command various girls to form a beautiful squad of anime girls specializing in wielding guns and other unique sci-fi weapons. Command and collect girls with unique combat specialties to create your ultimate team! Experience next-level shooting action with simple and intuitive controls while enjoying dynamic combat effects.

About the monthly pass

Monthly pass content: daily free jewels*100, monthly pass paid gems*300

  • After purchasing the monthly pass, you need to log in to the game again to receive the monthly pass
  • 330 paid jewelry will be directly added to the jewelry inventory
  • After purchase, the product effect will last for 30 days
  • Purchase rewards will be obtained immediately after purchase, and daily rewards can be obtained when logging in every day (rewards for days that are not logged in will disappear)
  • Monthly tickets can be purchased multiple times without an upper limit
  • When purchasing multiple monthly passes, the validity period of the monthly pass will be extended (30 days each time)

About the content of the Goddess of Victory package

  • GachaPackage 1 :Recruit Voucher*1,Free Jewel*60
  • GachaPackage 2 :Recruit Voucher*5,Free Jewel*320
  • GachaPackage 3:Recruit Voucher*20,Free Jewel*1200
  • GachaPackage 4: Recruit Voucher*20,Free Jewel*2300,Mid-Quality Mold*50
  • GachaPackage 5 :Recruit Voucher*30,Free Jewel*4200,Mid-Quality Mold*50
  • GachaPackage 6: Recruit Voucher*30,Free Jewel*8000,High-Quality Mold*50,T9 Equipment Selection Box *1
  • BattleDataPackage I :Battle Data Set Case*30,Free Jewel*320
  • BattleDataPackage ll :Battle Data Set Case*90,Free Jewel*1500

How to Recharge Goddess of Victory:NIKKE?

  1. After entering the game, click on the recharge button at the top of the game interface and select the amount you want to recharge;
  2. Choose the payment method. Currently, multiple payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat, and bank cards are supported;
  3. Make payment according to the requirements of the payment method and enter the corresponding payment information;
  4. After the recharge is successful, the system will automatically recharge the recharge amount into the player's account, and the player can use the recharge amount to purchase props and equipment in the game.

Fast buy online Goddess of Victory: It is worth noting that before recharging, players need to understand the recharge rules and recharge discount activities in the game in order to get more benefits and rewards when recharging.

How to obtain the UID and Character Name in the game?

  1. Log into the game with your account.
  2. Click on the avatar icon.
  3. Your Victory: Nicky player ID and character name will be displayed.

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