Dai Hao Yuan(TaiWan)

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About Dai Hao Yuan(TaiWan

Dai Hao Yuan(TaiWann)is a beautifully crafted anime-style mobile game that combines ancient aesthetics with a romantic role-playing storyline. In the game, players can encounter various ancient-style handsome men with different backgrounds and personalities. Through various adventures, interactions, and bonds, players can determine who will ultimately become their destined one. "Code Y" is a dreamy and wonderful game that satisfies the demand of many female players.

The story is set in the late Eastern Han Dynasty when the Han Dynasty was in decline and hidden ambitions were brewing in the dark. You are the Guangling King, a descendant of the Han family, and also the captain of the Embroidered Uniform Guards. Only by being cautious in every step can you preserve everything you cherish in this chaotic world. As the Guangling King, who disguises herself as a man and is also the head of a secret spy organization, you gather intelligence and information to keep the warring world at your fingertips. In this sharp-edged world, you grow and experience emotional struggles with a group of heroes of diverse personalities, competing against the conflicts of power and conspiracy.

How to recharge Dai Hao Yuan(TaiWan)voucher?

  1. Enter your QOOKKA account, QOOKKA password, and game character name
  2. Select the denomination of the voucher you wish to purchase.
  3. Click "Buy" and select your payment method.
  4. After completing the payment, the purchased voucher will be credited to your account in a short time.

Important Note: This product is only available for Taiwan region players.

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