PUBG MOBILE 3.1 version update announcement

2024-04-19 15:19:33

PUBG MOBILE3.1 version update highlights

1.6th Anniversary New Theme Game"Sky Wonderland",experience floating islands with different weather conditions,and have a variety of interesting themed props!In addition,there are wind chimes,javelins,celebration cakes and other fun games waiting for you to explore!

2.The new gameplay"Homeland"is launched for the first time!Add a home gameplay entrance to the WOW tab and social hall,allowing you to freely build the home of your dreams!

3.WOW gameplay update:A new"Wonderful World"has been added,which can challenge different editing tasks and aggregate multiple small gameplay maps;the editing mode has added interesting components such as music blocks,and a variety of gameplays are waiting for you to create!

4.Major update to the Miramar map:2 new urban areas,gas stations and other mechanisms are added,as well as cross-sea zip lines and special sandstorm mechanisms to provide more battle experience!

5.Basic experience optimization:Optimize and upgrade vehicles,firearms and basic actions to give you a smoother gaming experience!

New themed gameplay:Sky Wonderland

Online time:2024/3/12 02:00:00(UTC 0)~2024/5/12 20:59:59

Online maps:Erangel,Livico,Miramar(including ranked mode and matching mode)

New scene:Floating Island

The floating island is divided into day island and night island.The day island is bright and suitable for steel guns,while the night island is darker and suitable for hiding.Players can choose one of the two to enter.The floating island has a fixed countdown.After the countdown ends,the player will be teleported to high altitude in the safe zone.You will not be harmed by the poison circle on the floating island.The floating island will not be opened repeatedly in a single round and will disappear after the countdown is over.

Entering the floating island will get the resurrection card by default.Death on the floating island will consume the resurrection card.Summon the magic lamp genie on the floating island,and all players in the team will receive an additional special resurrection card.

The floating island is divided into three areas,among which the palace area is the richest in materials.Of course,resource-rich areas have greater competition and higher risks!

New vehicle:flying carpet

The flying carpet can be picked up in the game and can be used as a vehicle after being placed.The flying carpet vehicle has the following three characteristics:

When there is no one on the flying carpet and the player plays an expression animation near the flying carpet,the flying carpet can dance with the player.When in standby,the flying carpet will also turn around and observe the players around it.

The flying carpet can be switched between low flying and high flying.The low flying speed is slower and the height is lower.The back seat can shoot.When the flying carpet is activated to fly high into the sky,the player cannot shoot and can sprint briefly.

Flying carpet recall and release,players can aim at the flying carpet to recall it from a distance,and can also release the flying carpet.

celestial treasure ship

There are flyable heavenly treasure ships in the bureau that go to different locations in the scene.

The Heavenly Treasure Ship will fly along a fixed route,and will stop for a period of time at each boarding point;at the end,you can open the final treasure chest and obtain rare rewards.

There is a viewing mechanism on the ship,which allows you to watch the ship's sailing from a special perspective;there are also abundant supplies,and a large number of airdrop rewards will be randomly dropped at ship points along the route.

There is a[fireworks cannon]on the ship,which can release fireworks or transfer them

Newly added throwing object:Dancing Grenade

Can be picked up on the map and used to control enemies for a short period of time.

After throwing the dance grenade,a dancing area with the magic lantern elves will be created at the landing point for a period of time.When the player enters the dancing area,he will be controlled by the magic lantern elves and forced to dance.

After throwing multiple dancing grenades into the same dancing area,the range of the dancing area will become larger and the duration will be refreshed.

Newly added tactical prop:Portal Staff

It can be obtained in the map.After using the props,you can create two portals,which can be used in various scenarios such as rapid mid-distance transfer,rescue of teammates,and transmission of projectile props.It can play unexpected roles!

Teleporters can teleport to each other.

Portal can deliver projectiles,medicines,vehicles and players.

Treasure hunt mechanism

After the start of the game,all players will receive a[Treasure Map].After using the treasure map,the treasure location will be marked on the map:

There are two types of treasure chests:common and rare.Find treasure chests of different qualities to get supplies.

Opening any box has a chance to obtain the treasure house key,and opening the treasure house has a chance to obtain rare materials.

Scene area

Celebration Towns:Multiple celebration towns appear on the map,containing small treasure houses and rich supplies.

Ceremony Golden Corridor:You can experience wind chimes,cakes,magical javelins and other rich gameplay

Wind chimes:After entering the area,the wind chimes will ring in order.You need to use a gun to shoot the correct wind chimes to complete the puzzle.After solving the puzzle,the player can obtain the recovery buff and material rewards.Rich musical melodies can be formed by using different orders of wind chimes.

Cake:There is a huge gift box in the center of the area.There is a flute floating in the air.Players can go over and play Arabic melodies on the flute.At this time,the gift box will automatically open to reveal the celebration cake inside.Players can pray with the cake,and take photos with the magic lamp elves when praying.After praying,they will receive material rewards.

Divine Javelin:After entering the area,you can take the Divine Javelin,and a treasure chest tied to a balloon will appear in the air.Players can throw javelins to move in medium and long distances.At the same time,players can directly obtain supplies by hitting treasure chests during movement.The state of holding a javelin and holding a gun are mutually exclusive.After throwing the javelin,it will fly with the player.The javelin disappears after leaving the area and disappears after being used.

New gameplay:Homeland

Online time:2024/3/12 02:00:00(UTC+0)will be gradually opened in grayscale

Game entry

Added a home gameplay entrance to the WOW tab and social hall.You can enter your own home to build or visit other players'homes.

Introduction to gameplay

There are butler characters in the home.When the home level reaches level 3,you can unlock a male and female butler.

A new home shopping mall building has been added to Juyuan.Users can freely choose and purchase park items in the mall and participate in the carousel lottery.

Players can freely build their dream homes;and support cooperative editing by up to four players

Visit other players and explore the endless possibilities of your home

Plant a magical home tree and harvest home coins every day

Players can leave messages and interact in friends’homes

Players can release messengers from their own homes and receive messengers from other homes.

Players can display in-game photos on the photo wall or upload their own mobile phone photos

Players can set the background music unique to their homes,place players in their homes,play the record music they have obtained,and play with friends in their homes.

Players can interact with various objects in their home(chairs,sofas,beds,lamps,double swings,speakers,guitars,pianos,violins,etc.)

Complete various home tasks and receive generous home rewards.

Home function

Home photos and albums:Add shooting templates for home scenes and custom perspective shooting.After shooting,you can save it to your mobile phone or home photo album.

Home gifts:When visiting other people’s homes,you can give popular gifts.The gift effect will affect the scene effect in the home

Home Loot:Participate in classic ranked games and each game is active for≥5 minutes.You can draw Home Loot during the settlement.

WOW gameplay update

Online time:will be launched simultaneously with the new version

Added"Wonderful World"area

After entering the wonderful world,you can freely conduct regional activities,enter the incubation space for editing experience,and challenge different creative levels!

Added scene and gameplay templates

New scene template:The terrain is similar to the floating island with the theme gameplay,and comes with a dark night starry sky box

New gameplay template"Biochemical Infection":After starting the game,a random human player will transform into a zombie and can infect other human players to become zombies.

Newly added fairy tale themed parts pack:including pirate ships,cannons,telescopes and other objects

Added two new weather effects:rainy day and cloudy day

New gameplay device

Music block:When the player steps on it,it will emit corresponding music,and the color-changing tone can be edited

Armed Helicopter:Generate an armed helicopter vehicle

Storage box device:a device that can be put in and taken out during play.The data of the items can be saved to the cloud.

Chat Bubble Device:A chat bubble can be generated on the head of the character,with editable content and duration.

Global event management device:can receive globally triggered events and perform specified actions

Lens device:You can switch the lens or lock the lens to the character,and dynamically adjust the camera parameters

Gameplay device optimization

Character switching device:Added the option to turn into a zombie.You can choose from multiple zombie forms.After the zombie transforms,the attacker can be infected into a zombie.

Environmental control device:Added two new environmental states:rainy day and snowy day

Character experience device:You can reset the character level to 1 or lower it by one level.

BUFF management device:you can jump directly to the attribute reload interface and add invincible BUFF setting items

Multiple-choice decision-making device:can support up to 10 options

Variable management device:Player points can be modified directly

Interactive object device:The interactive object can display the model when playing

Area trigger device:Added the option"Trigger when there are at least X players in the area"

Game parameter settings

Customized battle UI layout:Added custom battle UI layout for WOW mode,which will not conflict with other modes

Device ICON classification optimization:different types of devices are distinguished by different colors

New HUD information display interface:camp battle information display

Global event management:All gameplay devices can jump to this page

New game parameters:option to retain equipment in this game

New game parameters:Added switch for killing streak prompts

In-office log update:In-office log has new variable and expression display functions and log export to clipboard function

Operation interaction

Material custom color and texture:Material can customize color and texture

Decorative objects support custom materials:Decorative objects can also switch and customize their materials.

Prefabrication retains combination empowerment:After the combination is generated as a prefab,the previous combination empowerment can be retained.

Added time-limited devices and corresponding reminders:limited-time resources for some activities or themes will become default resources after the time expires

Other updates

Added WOW creator information display in the social lobby

Optimization of the work evaluation link in WOW settlement

Optimized the display of popular tabs,supporting presentation in the form of small themes(gradually launched in grayscale with the release of the version)

Intelligent generation:Players can customize the input text,and the game automatically generates splicing components to form the input text.

Team editing optimization:When a player is editing an object,teammates can no longer edit the object.

Overview of how to collect creative works in the first game

Pan and Blade Ball:If a pan bounces a blade ball,it will be repelled;players fight on a small rock and are knocked back into the water and need to swim back quickly,otherwise they cannot continue to bounce the blade ball;players compete in 2v2 team competitions

Grenade Blade Ball:The grenade blade ball will explode when the countdown ends,and players within the killing range will be injured or dead;if the rebound fails,it will explode directly;players will engage in 2v2 team competition rematch.

Throwing sandbags:The grenade blade ball will explode when the countdown ends,and players within the killing range will be injured or killed;if the rebound fails,it will explode directly;a total of 8 players will participate in a points resurrection match.After the countdown is over,the player who kills other players will score the most points.of players win

Floating ship hits people in floating melee:the grenade blade ball will explode when the countdown ends,and players within the killing range will be injured or killed;if the rebound fails,it will explode directly;a total of 8 players will participate in a points resurrection match.After the countdown is over,The player with the most points by killing other players wins.

Each time the player kills an enemy,he can obtain the amplified sword energy buff.This buff can be continuously stacked depending on the enemy killed.Players can participate in a 6v6 team competition.

Zombie infection mode:After the game starts,players are randomly divided into zombie and human camps.After zombies kill humans,humans will become zombies.Humans need to fight zombies.When the number is too small,they will transform into heroes to enhance their abilities.8 players are divided into Two camps compete,and in the end only one camp wins.

Miramar map major update

Online time:will be launched simultaneously with the new version

New content

Added a new Truck Stop urban area and optimized the terrain,vegetation,and road network around the urban area.

Added the Partona city area and optimized the terrain,vegetation,road network, the surrounding areas of the city.Adjusted the Los Higos city area and terrain related to the original map.

New gas station:Supports refueling vehicles.You can pay a small amount of store tokens to refuel the vehicle.

Newly added zip line:You can use the zip line to quickly climb over some rugged terrain,and even cross the sea.

New trade store:specific items can be purchased from players.In each round,5 random items are purchased within a certain range.Players can sell such items to the trade store,and a small amount of items will also be provided for players to purchase.

A sandstorm will appear on the map.Please avoid it during play.

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