how to get diamond bigo live ?
2023-11-30 17:58:15

To get diamonds on Bigo Live, you can do the following:

  • 1. Purchase diamonds through in-app purchases: You can buy diamonds directly in the Bigo Live app using your preferred payment method.
  • 2. Complete tasks and challenges: Bigo Live may offer tasks and challenges that reward you with diamonds when completed. Check the app regularly for any available opportunities.
  • 3. Participate in events: Bigo Live may host events that offer diamonds as prizes. Keep an eye on the app for any upcoming events.
  • 4. Earn diamonds by referring friends: Some versions of Bigo Live may offer a referral program where you can earn diamonds by inviting friends to join the app.

Please note that the availability and methods of obtaining diamonds may vary depending on the version and region of Bigo Live you are using.

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